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Outward Floating Roof Tank surrounding seal

Outward Floating Roof Tank surrounding seal: Outward Floating Roof Tank has no cover at the top, which puts forward higher requirements for Floating Roof Tank surrounding sealing system. The main sealing methods are toothed capsule type primary seal, tube type liquid-filled primary seal, secondary seal, oil-free gas seal. Oil-free gas seals (burst suppression film) installed in the tank between the first and second seals, to realize the first and second seals between the oil and gas space filling, effectively reduce the seal flash explosion caused by lightning and other open flames, in the operation of the floating pan oil and gas space filling rate can reach more than 95%. Oil-free gas seal (burst suppression film) has a small size, easy to install, high filling efficiency advantages, in the operation of the tank can be transformed, oil-free gas seal (burst suppression film) mainly consists of rubber bands, rubber gaskets, anti-turning rubber gasket, positioning plate four parts.

Application Scenarios

  • Model Parameters Table

    Toothed bladder primary seal componentsMaterial & SpecificationProduct Description
    Elastic elementPolyurethane foam (trapezoidal, polygonal, round)

    1、Toothed tape enhances wear resistance and sealing performance;

    2、Toothed tape is filled with elastic elements, good elasticity and large compensation range;

    3、Large contact area with tank wall, good sealing effect;

    4、Applicable to all kinds of steel external floating disk storage tanks.

    Sealing tape

    Fluorine rubber, Nitrile rubber, EPDM, XPE, etc.

    Common specifications: 1400x1.5+1.5 (toothed tape)

    Fixed plate, pressure plate, etc.Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Galvanized sheet
    Tubular liquid filled primary seal componentsMaterial & SpecificationProduct Description
    Rubber Abrasion Resistant Sling

    Fluorine rubber, Nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, etc.

    Common specifications: 1050x3.0

    1、Toothed wear-resistant sling enhances the wear-resistant and sealing performance, and effectively protects the internal liquid-filled hose;

    2, the liquid-filled hose can be filled with liquid to better meet the sealing ring space spacing changes during the operation of the floating disk, sealing automatic compensation performance is good;

    3, large contact area with the tank wall, good sealing effect:

    4、Applicable to all kinds of steel external floating disk storage tanks.

    Rubber fluid-filled hose

    Fluorine rubber, Nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, etc.

    Common specifications: 4300x2.0

    Liquid Filling10-15% saline
    Fixed plate, pressure plate, etc.Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Galvanized sheet
    Secondary sealing componentsMaterial & SpecificationProduct Description
    Gas Barrier FilmFluorine rubber, Nitrile rubber, EPDM, etc.

    1. The secondary seal can be matched with any form of primary seal to form a double-layer seal;

    2. Installation without fire, and the primary seal share the fixed parts, which is conducive to the transformation of IE tanks;

    3. Constituting a double-layer seal with the primary seal, safety is improved.

    4. Blocking rainwater from soaking into the tank, meanwhile blocking the volatilization of oil and gas, and playing a protective role for the primary seal, effectively prolonging the service life of the primary seal.

    5. Equipotential cable eliminates static electricity generated during operation.

    Pressure Plates, Pressure Plates, Pressure StripsStainless steel, Galvanized sheet, etc.
    Sliding bladeNitrile rubber
    Isobaric cableCopper core cable
    Oil- and gas-free sealing componentsMaterial & SpecificationProduct Description
    Rubber Banding

    Nitrile, Fluorine rubber, Chlorosulfonated polyethylene

    Common specifications: (1.0+1.5) width

    1. Oil-free gas seal (burst suppression film) for a whole, continuous coverage in a secondary seal between the joints using a special adhesive bonding, lap width shall not be less than 300mm.

    2 oil-free gas seal (burst suppression film) between one and two seals, and the tank wall should be maintained between 5-10mm gap, the rubber band should be uniformly wrinkled, no distortion.

    3 oil-free gas seal (burst suppression film) by its own serrated counterweight, in the case of vertical tank walls to ensure that parallel to the tank wall.

    4. Oil-free air seal (burst suppression membrane) after installation and the secondary sealing mesh membrane to form a sealed air bladder, reducing one or two seals between more than 95% of the oil and gas space; air bladder for the atmospheric state, in addition to their own gravity does not exert any extrusion pressure on the secondary seal.

    5 oil-free air seal (burst suppression film) on the lower part of the fixed and a secondary seal with a common fasteners.

    6. Explosion suppression type secondary seal for storage tanks is applicable to the temperature range of -30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃.

    Rubber GasketNitrile, Fluorine rubber, Chlorosulfonated polyethylene
    Positioner PlatePVC