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Silicone rubber sheet for solar lamination

Silicone rubber sheet for solar lamination (full name: photovoltaic module laminator with silicone sheet): "lamination" is an important link in the production of solar photovoltaic modules, the purpose is to lay the components of the components into the laminator, through the vacuum will be the air between the components, and then heated to make the EVA melting and pressurized, so that the molten EVA flow full of glass and the cell and the back plate gap between the cell and the back plate, and at the same time, through the extrusion to further drain the intermediate bubbles, will be the battery sheet, the glass and the back plate tightly bonded together, and cool down the temperature to solidify.

Application Scenarios

  • Model Parameters Table

    Model                KQ2100KQ5100KQ5100BKQ6100
    Hardness (Shore A) 60±270±260±277±2
    Tearing strength Mpa≥10101017
    Tear strength N/mm≥40404045
    Temperature resistance ℃200200250200
    Resistant (EVA) ComparisonMediumStrongStrongSuper Strong
    Normal service life (times)>3000>6000>6000>6000
    Appearance and colorBlue, Gray, BlackBlue, Gray, BlackBlue, Gray, BlackBlack