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Floating Top Tank Bladder Primary Seal


Product Description

Floating Oil Tank Hei type primary sealing device, referred to as Floating oil tank hi type primary sealing device, referred to as: type primary sealing, is currently widely used at home and abroad various large and medium-sized floating storage one of the forms of primary sealing, type two structure primary sealing is mainly by like rubber sealing tape, elastic components, supporting components and pressure plate and other components.

The primary seal is mainly composed of rubber sealing belt, elastic element, support assembly and pressure plate, etc. It has the advantages of wide use, safe operation, easy maintenance and long service life, etc. Due to the use of liquid-immersed sealing form, the sealing effect is excellent.

Working Principle

There is a bad shape space between the wall plate and the green plate on the edge of the floating top of the floating tank, and the volatilization of the oil must be stored through the ring space is one of the main forms of oil loss, the three-core structure of the capsule once the sealing device through the gold house support components, pressure plate and the dense: pallets and other components of the gold house to make the rubber sealing tape to form a regular shape of the Xiang, which is filled with elastic components will be like the rubber sealing tape to tighten the wall of the tank, and the bottom of the capsule is submerged in the liquid level of the lost oil below. The bottom of the capsule is submerged below the liquid level of the defeated oil, preventing the formation of oil and gas space and blocking the oil in the tank from leaking to the tank, thus effectively reducing the volatilization loss of oil.

The equipotential connection guide plate forms an equipotential connection between the primary sealing device components and the floating roof of the tank, which further improves the safe operation coefficient of the tank.

Rubber sealing belt selection like sealing belt material using NBR/PVC like co-mingled rubber material, with excellent conductive not oil, and aging, and seat consumption, and permeability and good temperature make Li performance. To the upper polarity and with the polarity of oils and solvents and so on has the superior guide pull and sex but to aromatic solvents, halogenated hydrocarbons, ketones and enzymes and other polar solvents don't have the resistance, suitable for crude oil, gasoline, diesel fuel and other oils. Rubber sealing belt material adopts FKM more material, has the extremely trip say, high temperature, set, weather aging sex, excellent scene of resistance and penetration 1 self-image as well as good temperature using performance, on the labor by, high aromatic and oil, all kinds of crude oil and fuel oil, agent oil, hydraulic oil and lubricant, halogenated, concentrated acid and so on has the excellent resistance to resistance, but for some ketone, enzyme, class does not have the resistance to resistance, suitable for crude oil, gasoline, diesel oil and so on oils and chemical solvents such as toluene, xylene, etc. Toluene, xylene and other chemical solvents.

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