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Flexible PCB


Germany imported raw materials are high temperature and high pressure resistance, in line with the process requirements of the flexible circuit board lamination, for professional flexible circuit board consumables.

It has a rapid and uniform thermal conductivity, improve the quality of the board, improve productivity, energy saving, cost savings. It has good cushioning Good resilience, avoiding scratches caused by hard contact between the heating plate and the laminate, prolonging the service life of the heating plate and the laminate.

Silicone laminating pad for flexible circuit boards

1. Easy to use, no need for frequent replacement, saving labor time.

2. High durability, can be used repeatedly for up to 10 months.

COPSIL high-performance laminating cushion thermal pad features

1. 30% increase in product yield during the lamination process.

2. Fast and uniform heat distribution.

3. Strong pressure resistance and high durability, reduces static electricity and improves process conditions.

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