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Installation and regular maintenance of dry gas cabinet sealing system


Dry gas cabinet sealing system live race, like the membrane sealing connectivity, side and bottom plate composition, sealing system is the nuclear small parts of the gas cabinet device, the installation of sealing system quality is a direct decision of the gas phase of whether long-term, safe and smooth operation, the installation of this link in the construction of the construction should focus on control!

How to install and what to pay attention to when installing?

1. Work type gas plate control sealing angle level and sealing Bo level and so on away from the sealing raw prefabricated quality is. Before prefabrication first test template, prefabrication must be when using the template test: sealing raw a peg is not prefabrication when to raw guard plate fixed in the components, and then into the drilling work.

2. Considering the actual arrival of the film like the form of cylindrical side type, and the installation of the form should be a round table then face type of the actual problem, it should be in advance like the film at the lower end of the film than the sealing of the steel longer than the portion of the steel evenly divided into each of the screw spacing in the夫

3. dry gas cabinet before installation, strictly check the number of screw holes and screw holes on the like rubber membrane and sealing steel and the spacing of holes, we must ensure that - a correspondence, preventing the sealing of the like membrane An distortion, the first to find the sealing steel on the base of the birth point, and then use the line drop to determine the lower end of the sealing steel and rubber membrane corresponding to the bolt holes, so that the entire circumference into a number of areas, installation along the same direction when installed

4. When installing the gas cabinet, we must protect the rubber membrane so that it will not be hurt or injured. Adopts with installs the belt smoke to tie like the rubber membrane, the eye carries on the packing to the rubber mold, uses installs the process to have may abundant like the film the constructive tip to say the part with the hemp bag piece or other goods to wrap up.

5. Thousands of gas cabinet installation like rubber mold before the piston on all accessories can not be installed, and to ensure that the piston, piston bracket and above like rubber mold installed to the Department of the burr, floor grinding in the net, to lay a layer of anti-two cloth on the piston, so as not to unfold and lift the rubber membrane damage to the rubber membrane.

6. type gas cabinet in the installation of sealing components on the bolts, the use of torque handle, each time with the same size of force, so that all the bolts are to maintain the same degree of tightness, to ensure that like the rubber membrane uniformity of the maintenance of the main components of the force cabinet

A rubber sealing membrane

Rubber membrane does not require special maintenance during normal operation, but because it is easy to damage in some ways, the following points should be noted.

(1) Do not hit the sealing membrane with sharp objects.

(2) Do not paint the rubber membrane.

(3) in the rubber membrane near the fire must be agreed with the workshop and do the appropriate fire prevention measures to avoid damage to the rubber membrane

(4) In the normal operation of the gas cabinet must be locked on the side panel of the gas cabinet all the access doors, to prevent the sealing film bulging out of the cabinet.

(5) It is strictly prohibited to open the ventilation holes on the top of the cabinet to prevent rainwater from flowing onto the sealing membrane.

B leveling device

(1) There should be no obstacles on the counterweight guide rail, and the action should be smooth.

(2) The steel rope, pulley, shaft and so on do not corrode.

(3) Ensure that the bearings, pulleys and ropes are adequately oiled and greased.

C Discharge valve

Emergency discharge valve is the use of pulleys, steel wire rope, etc. composed of mechanical open and close the valve, so pay attention to the following matters

(1) The guiding pulley and steel wire rope of the discharge valve should be cleaned and greased regularly.

(2) The length of the top rod should not be changed.

(3) Don't paint the sealing part of the diffuser valve, and make sure that the steel rope doesn't slacken.

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