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One-shot coiling aid belts


Advantages of one-time molding helper belt:

The belt has wear-resistant, temperature-resistant, oil-resistant, resistant to winding, aging resistance, low extension and other significant advantages, characterized by the belt for the one-time molding, ring without end, in any region of the node performance are - constant, so the size is stable, the operation of the semi-stable, the service life has been greatly enhanced.

Successful cases:

The new generation of helper coiler belt has been successfully supporting Wuxi Wuye Heavy Industry, Zhuozhou North Heavy Industry, Jingzhou Zhengyang Machinery, North China Aluminum Industry, Jiangsu Baosteel and so on the domestic famous enterprises, and get the unanimous high praise, and its performance has already reached the advanced level of the same kind of foreign products, and the price is only one-third of it.

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